University Patch Notes - Version 2.1.5031.19084

  • Revamped the Test / Quiz Generation Engine
    • Refactored code to make it more extensible, which means we can add different engines which could generate tests / quizzes using different methods.  We did not implement a new engine in this release but it allows for future growth
    • Added a new feature to allow a quiz / test to be set to not allow duplicate questions.  If a student takes one of these tests / quizzes multiple times and the engine is unable to find new questions that it has not already used for that student it will not allow them to retake the test / quiz anymore.
  • Reworked Launch My Training Page
    • Courses are now grouped by Curriculum
    • Performance enhancements
    • Better popup blocker detection enhancements when launching simulation
    • Page refresh enhancements so the page better updates when completing training / lessons / quizzes / tests
    • Modified how student evaluations are displayed.  They will now popup upon the student completing the course.  We also added tracking so we know when a student just closes this popup instead of filling it out.
    • Fixed the countdown timer during quizzes and tests
  • Dashboard
    • Added a new widget for students who are registered for NERC Prep that breaks down their Pre-Assessment results by Standard Family
  • Reports
    • Added NERC Prep Pre-Assessment Analysis report which allows training managers to view the same information as the new dashboard widget for all of their students

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